We are experts in the development of custom enclosures for electrical and electronics products including thermal analysis and cooling system design. 

Enclosures are designed for manufacturing via sheet metal methods, extrusion and CNC milling from a variety of metals or plastics. We cater our designs to your precise requirements including, ingress protection, electromagnetic attenuation, thermal requirements, cable management and integration of third-party components including custom keypads.

Mechanical design of an electronics enclosure to be manufactured by CNC milling
3D Thermal simulation of an electronics enclosure showing forced convection of air

Heat Sinks and cooling system integration

We don't stop at enclosures, we also design and integrate your cooling system. Options include fan-cooled heat sinks, liquid-cooled heat sinks, Peltier coolers, heat pipes and miniature heat pumps. We aim to build your cooling system using entirely off the shelf components but where required we can develop custom heat sinks and Peltier cooler assemblies.

Our number one priority is to develop enclosures that surpass our customer's every expectation!

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