Sheet metal electronics enclosures

Our most popular type of enclosure, sheet metal enclosures can be manufactured cheaply even at low volumes and provide significant freedom and flexibility of design, particularly when electrical components must be integrated into the enclosure body.

Extruded electronics enclosures

Extruded enclosures are useful for creating airtight or watertight enclosures. They also enable the addition of cooling fins or channels directly into the enclosure body. Due to the high tooling cost, extruded enclosures are expensive for low volume manufacturing, but become very economical at medium and high volumes.

CNC Machined Enclosures

CNC machining of enclosures is useful for manufacturing prototypes if you intend to manufacture by casting or injection moulding. It is also used in cases where manufacturing from sheet metal or by extrusion does not meet the design criteria of the project. 

Air-cooled heat sink thermal simulation

We integrate off the shelf heat sinks into our designs and where necessary can design custom heat sinks for manufacturing by extrusion, CNC milling or moulding. The heat map below is from a thermal simulation performed to test the capability of a heat sink to dissipate heat.


Water-cooled heat sink thermal simulation

Our water-cooled heat sinks (standard or custom) include the coolant pump, hoses and a radiator. The heat map below is from a thermal simulation to test the performance of a water-cooled heat sink and shows the flow velocity distribution across the heat sink channels 

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