"Our expert engineers use cutting edge tools to develop custom high quality, visually appealing product enclosures"

What we do

Flowtek specializes in the development of custom sheet metal, extruded and CNC milled product enclosures across a range of industries including electronics, electrical and optical products. Our service includes all stages of development from drawing up of initial concept designs through to manufacturing and testing as well as thermal analysis/ 3D simulations. Our expert engineers use cutting edge tools and technology to deliver the highest quality results. Our expertise includes solving challenging cooling scenarios, for which we perform 3D thermal simulations and develop custom air or liquid-cooled heat sinks, Peltier cooler assemblies or implement third party miniature refrigerators. We work with clients from around the world and accept payment in several leading currencies including US $.  Please get in touch with us for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.


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Why us

  • High quality and professional service, individually tailored to each client. 


  •  Competitively priced service. In line with our vision, we also offer a discount to Cleantech startups.


  • We understand that many of our client's projects are confidential, which is why we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements.


  • You receive ownership of all CAD models and engineering drawings 



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