Thermal analysis (CFD)

We perform thermal CFD simulations either as part of our mechanical design service or as a standalone service. The simulations enable us to assess and improve the active or passive cooling of a product before manufacturing a prototype enclosure. Our capabilities include:


  • Transient and steady-state temperature simulations


  • Assessment of fan induced airflow


  • Air or liquid-cooled heat sink simulations


  • Peltier cooler simulations



Structural analysis (FEA)

In some cases, it is helpful to gain insight into how the enclosure performs when subjected to mechanical loading. An example could be finding the minimum wall thickness for a lightweight enclosure. Our capabilities include:


  • Simulation of stress and strain due to mechanical loading


  • Virtually any type of mechanical load can be applied


  • Simulation of thermal expansion and resulting stresses


  • Simulation of Inertial effects and damping of mechanical loads










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